Wednesday, April 1, 2020
2021 Austria Trip

       The Mannlichers Collector's Assn. (MCA) voted at their last annual meeting to explore the possibly of holding their 2021 annual meeting and shooting completion in Austria. Since then fifteen MCA members have expressed a desire to attend an Austrian Meeting with 20-25 persons at most likely to attend. Based on our prior communication,  the MCA wishes to formally explore the possibility of holding the  MCA's 2021 Annual Meeting at the Steyr facilities in Austria sometime during the June to October time frame.

      The MCA annually moves the location and time of its annual meeting to coincide with a major firearms show/exhibition. The 2020 Meeting is scheduled for 2-4 April in Tulsa Oklahoma which dovetails with the largest gun show in the United States, The Wannamaker.  Prior to that meeting, officers/representatives of both the MCA and Steyr will be attending the U.S. Shot show in Las Vegas Nevada Jan 21-24, 2020. MCA president John Ludwig and past president Rob Blank will both be in attendance. On behalf of the MCA they will explore the possibility and feasibility of holding the 2021 MCA Annual meeting at Steyr's Austrian Headquarters'.

      Other than a meeting room, we always hold a banquet/dinner and a Schutzen type shooting event limited to Mannlicher Schoenauer and Steyr firearms. The shooting event is a friendly affair with our members sighting in and then shooting each other's firearms. At the end of the event each shooter shoots one shot at a special target with the shooter closest to the center receiving a prize at the MCA banquet. Other than these events we would love to tour The Steyr facilities and be able to shoot some of Steyr's current production firearms.

     Any questions, concerns and follow-up about the Austria trip should be sent to Col. Lynn Levengood USA Ret., MCA vice president at or phone 1-605-642-2329.

     Questions about the 2020 Annual meeting, hotel reservations, etc. should be sent to our President, John Ludwig (see Contacts page)


2020 Annual Convention

We will be meeting in Tulsa, OK in conjunction with the Tulsa Arms Show.     The show is April 4th and 5th.  We will have a rifle match on the 3rd and a President's Reception that evening.  The evening of the 4th is our Banquet and Auction.  Please send me ANY items that you would like to donate for the Auction.

More information to come or email/call me, the President.


Website Registration

We are currently experiencing a problem with registering people to our site.  We do not know when this problem will be resolved unfortunately.  It is not mandatory to register.

Thank you for you understanding.


New Sec./Tres. and PO Box

After many great years of service, Armond "Rick" Martel has resigned his position as our Secretary/Treasurer.  We are sorry he had to do that but welcome Jerry Jones as our new officer.  The Executive committee voted to accept Ricks resignation and appoint Jerry to the position.  Jerry will hold the position until our next annual meeting where a formal vote will be made.  We appreciate Jerry stepping up and understand that he will be receiving help from his wife, Jeanne.  She is no stranger to the MCA because they both have attended many annual banquets.

Jerry has set up a new mail box for the MCA.  It is PO Box 1153, Bedford, TX  76095.  Please send dues and applications to the new address.


New Membership Application

The Mannlicher Collectors Association has a new membership application! Click here to view the new membership application form.  Please send applications to our new address PO Box 1153, Bedford, TX  76095.  


2019 Annual Convention Highlights

Go to our Events section to learn about the good time everyone had.


Welcome to the Mannlicher Collectors Association

Ferdinand Manlnlicher
The M.C.A. serves those interested in Mannlicher and Mannlicher-styled arms, as well as arms manufactured by the Steyr armory in Austria and used by sportsmen and the military throughout the world.

The namesake of the society, Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher was one of history’s most prolific designers of firearms.

Join The Mannlicher Collectors Association

Ever since its founding in 1985, the Mannlicher Collectors Association has been the major forum of communication for collectors, sportsmen, and historians in the numerous military and sporting arms manufactured by the Steyr Armory in Austria.

MCA members benefit from exchanging information about Steyr arms and from communicating with those wanting to disperse or add them to their collections. MCA members are also invited to participate in the association's annual banquet meeting, always held in conjunction with a major three-day gun show, as well as in the association's African safaris scheduled every few years.

All MCA members also receive a complementary copy of the association's quarterly newsletter, The Mannlicher Collector. A sample issue can be ordered from the Membership Secretary at the cost of $3.00. ($4.00US in Canada and $5.00US overseas.)

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Steyr Arms


Steyr Arms
Firearms Review

Zephyr II

John Ludwig

I had the good fortune to recently receive one of the long-awaited Zephyr II rifles from my friends at Steyr Arms USA in Bessemer, AL.  I am sure many of you are familiar with the original Zephyr that Steyr came out with in the 50’s.  While originally rather plain, in later years Steyr offered some versions with nicer wood and finish. No matter what they looked like, they were a fine example of a well-made .22 LR firearm.  Not many were made, so if you’re like me, I am very happy that I can now own one of the Zephyr II’s.  It’s also nice that in today’s market, they cost about half of the original so you can buy two in different calibers.

Steyr Arms USA (SAU) is the US arm of Steyr-Mannlicher in Austria. In addition to Steyr firearms, they also import the Merkel line of shotguns and rifles, and some lines of clothing.  SAU contracts parts to be made in the USA where a certain percentage of US content is required and then it assembles those firearms.  They have an outstanding show room in Bessemer and good inventory so you can handle what you are thinking of purchasing and then take it with you.  You can also order most of all their products online and have it shipped to you or your FFL when ordering firearms.  There is also an expert gunsmith on staff to answer questions and walk you through minor issues.

Well, let’s get into talking about the Zephyr II.  When you open the very substantial and well-padded box you will see a very sleek and beautiful rifle with no sights to interrupt its lines.  The wood is high grade and the satin oil finish is excellent.  When you pick it up you notice the wonderful feel of a palm swell in your hand.  The gun slips around in your hands because it has a very functional and stunning fish scale checkering on the forearm and grip.  Your cheek settles into the cheek rest that has a water fall design and you’ll think you are driving a fine sports car or handling one of the best small caliber rifles you’ve ever picked up.  The gun feels solid but not too heavy to carry in the field for extended periods.  Its metal parts also have the very popular matt black bluing.  Like Steyr’s other high-end rifles, the barrel still has some of the hammer forging showing.  In fact, the entire rifle looks like a smaller version of the SM 12 that costs almost 3 times as much.

Naturally, I could not wait to get it out to the range and shoot some groups.  I noticed that the barrel had a very nice recessed crown and I hoped it would be a good indication of potential accuracy.  But first I had to mount a scope.  The only small one I had was a Burris Full Field 3-9x32 that was on my full stock CZ.  Typical of a European .22, it has the 11mm dovetail.  And since the CZ had the same dovetail, I could use those rings.  Not many local places have them, so I’m glad I didn’t have to source any locally.  Several companies make 11mm rings but I like to use the Warne Maxima Fixed rings.  They are well made, come in 3 heights, will work on 3/8” and 11mm and reasonably priced.  Another well known scope company had 11mm rings that were a little more stylish but only came in high polish and cost about twice as much with no improvement in functionality.

To be continued