Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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The Mannlicher Collectors Association

is incorporated in the State of Oregon as a 501-C-3 not-for-profit research and educational organization. The MCA is also a Gun Collecting Affiliate of the National Rifle Association (# G8175). Each year since1985, the year of its founding, the MCA has received the "100% NRA Award," as all members of the MCA have also chosen to be members of the NRA. 

M.C.A. Constitution and By-laws (Abridged)

Article I - Name

The name of this organization shall be The Mannlicher Collectors Association, Incorporated. It shall also be known as the same organization when the initials M.C.A. are used in place of the name.

Article II - Object

The purpose of this organization shall include: (1) not-for-profit research, education, travel, fellowship, and organized shooting among members with a view toward a better knowledge on the part of such members and the general public of the development, history, production, care, use, social importance, and aesthetic and technical qualities of arms of the Mannlicher genre, as well as the safe handling and use of all firearms; (2) development of those characteristics of honesty, good fellowship, self-discipline, team play and self-reliance which are essentials of good sportsmanship and the foundation of true patriotism through the encouragement of both responsible shooting and collecting among honorable persons of all ages, especially the young; and (3) maintenance and strengthening the belief in an Almighty Being who is the source of all wisdom, art, honor, freedom, and prosperity.

Article III - Membership

A. Any person seventeen years of age or older may (by vote of the Executive Committee) become a member of this organization after subscribing to the following pledge and on payment of initiation fee and dues:

I certify that I am not nor have I ever been a member of any organization or group advocating the overthrow by force or violence of the Government of the United States of America or any of its political subdivisions; that I have never been convicted of a crime of violence or felony; and that, if admitted to membership, I will fulfill the obligations of good sportsmanship and good citizenship; and that I will support the purposes of The Mannlicher Collectors Association.

B. There are six categories of members: Founding Life, Life, Charter, Annual, Honorary Charter and Honorary Member.

  1. A Founding Life Member has met the requirements of a Life Member, and in addition has made (during the formative and charter enrollment periods) significant and substantial contributions to the degree that the club could not be conceived to exist without said contributions. 
  2. A Life Member has paid all required dues and fees and is entitled to receive the association's newsletter for life. A Life Member has all the rights and privileges of an Annual Member with five or more years of continuous membership.
  3. A Charter Member has met all the requirements of an Annual Member and in addition has paid an additional premium to the association to ensure the fulfillment of its aims. No additional Charter Member will be inscribed after August, 1986, or when one hundred persons shall have been so inscribed, whichever shall come first. Charter members have all the rights and privileges of an Annual Member. 
  4. An Annual Member has met the age requirements of the association, subscribed to the association's pledge, and has paid dues and fees. Annual Members are invited (1) to exhibit at the association's annual gun show; (2) to attend all meetings of the association; (3) to hunt and shoot in club-sponsored outings; and (4) to participate in social gatherings which the association may sponsor from time to time. Annual Members receive a copy of the association's newsletter at no charge. 
  5. An Honorary Charter Member has met the requirements of an Honorary Member. An Honorary Charter Member has been designated by the Executive Committee as some-one who has given extraordinary assistance to the association at or during the first year after its founding. No Honorary Charter Member shall be inscribed once the charter enrollment period has ended. 
  6. An Honorary Member is defined as any person who is current and active in another arms collecting association. Any current member of the N.R.A. shall be deemed an Honorary member of this association. An Honorary Member shall enjoy the privileges of membership without right of vote, newsletter subscription, or preemption of any Annual Member during participation at Association sponsored events. Other recognized collecting associations may be local, county, state or national in scope.
  7. A Technical Advisor shall be any person, member or non-member, who by a significant contribution of information, print material, articles, or other services, may be enrolled at the pleasure of the Executive Committee in the Technical Advisory and may receive an appropriate badge, emblem, and/or certificate and complimentary newsletter and benefits of Honorary Membership.

C. Dues: 

  1. The dues shall be a sum determined by the Executive Committee. 
  2. Membership shall extend from January 1 through December 31 of any year. 
  3. New members inscribed after September 1st may be enrolled at one-half, of the amount of prescribed dues plus initiation fee. 
  4. Any member whose dues are in arrears in excess of six months shall be considered inactive. 
  5. Both Annual and Charter Members shall renew at the same rate. 
  6. No member of the association in arrears shall be eligible to vote or to enjoy any other of the privileges or benefits of membership. No person who has renewed or re-enrolled after April 15th shall be eligible to vote at the annual meeting or hold office in the same calendar year. Persons whose membership has become inactive and who subsequently re-enroll shall be considered new members for purposes of calculating voting rights.


D. In order to insure the privacy of all members, no general membership roll or roster shall be published. Such membership roll is available only to the Executive Committee on a strictly confidential basis. Any and all required notices and special announcements, including special meetings shall be published in the newsletter or mailed directly to members by the Secretary.

Article IV - Meetings

A. Annual Meetings. The association shall meet each year....

Article V - Officers

A. The officers of this club shall be as follows: President, Vice-President, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Archivist, Master-at-Arms, The Mannlicher Collector Executive Editor and Trustee(s) who acting together shall constitute the Executive Committee. They shall be elected by majority vote of the Life Members, and by Charter and Annual Members with five or more years of continuous membership in good standing. Elections will be decided by ballots cast by those present at the annual meeting of the club. Those elected shall hold office for two years or until their successors are elected.